Newbern & Co, a jazz vocal duo specializing in upscale events and parties. We make the music dance and the presentation sing.

Whether it's making the music dance or the presentation sing, the refined abilities of Newbern & Co show in every detail. Their versatile performing and directing experience creates a depth of understanding in their music and complements each occasion.

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A BFA in choreography and music from Emerson College gave Meryl Newbern, from Fall River, MA, a foundation in musical theatre, directing, and design. Her years of piano and figure-skating shape the style and flow of their music and her extensive work in promotions and industrial theatre defines their complete product.
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Although starting with organ, then adding guitar, oboe, sax, and flute to the mix, piano has always been the driving force behind Wade Newbern's music. Born in Memphis, TN, he made his way up north to earn a BMus from Berklee School of Music. He ties it all together to create the sound and rhythm for music that moves.
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